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Hai everyone
• Saturday, April 16, 2016 • 0 comments

Assalam and hye everyone,

Yeah now I've 2 sem left for my diploma. I'm gettin' exicted for that, but seems like now I've to think for my future. What I wanna be, where I wanna work and so on. Actually it's been a long time la I'm not updating this blog. So long time ago haha since today is my last paper for this sem, I think I should update my blog. The problem is idk la what to post. I just update what I feel. I love blogging but at the same time I don't know what I should update. 

Hoping that someone read my post, unfortunately I don't know how to make my blog interesting. Btw this blog is using blogskins. So if you want to have a beautiful blog, yeah you can ask me at chatbox at left side. Just drop your name, url and chat. But if you're not facing any problem for editing your blog, then nevermind because got many tutorial for blogskins. Just search it. As simple as that hahaha

I wanna do some freebies but my photoshop's skills becomes lack. Erk. Yeah, idek how to make a simple header like I used to do for a very long time ago woo hahaha. I think my english is too 'baku' hohoho. If someone notice this post, perhaps you want to ask me for tutorial eh I mean yeah if you ask me a simple tutorial I can answer la but if it's too hard for me to answer then I apologise. Haa plus header. You can ask me for header too. I wish I can update my blog everyday :(

I just don't know what to post laaa or maybe I'm a busy person hahaha. Sorry for error english huhuhu at least I'm trying ;)



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